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After years of manufacturing and supplying high quality Wing Chun solid teak Wooden Dummy and iron wood Dragon Poles in the market, Cranes Production has expanded its products to include DVDs, books, weapons, apparels and other martial art related items.

About Cranes Production

Based in Southern California, our extensive experiences and expertise has made us the leader in terms of quality and reliability. Now, in full cooperation with Sifu Gary Lam, the renowned chief instructor at the legendary Wong Shun Leung's school in Hong Kong ,we are producing unique instructional DVDs featuring Sifu Lam's proven fighting system of Wing Chun  ( aka 'Ving Tsun'  )

Sify Gary Lam Award

Sifu Gary Lam was recognized as Sifu of the Year in 2006 and received an award from the World Ving Tsun Athletic Association Hall of Fame for his contributions to Ving Tsun.

Currently, we are also working with:

~Sifu David Peterson . A direct student of the legendary Wong Shun Leung.


~ G.M Crispullo Atillo- Founder of Atillo Balintawak     


~Malaipet Sasiprapa, Muay Thai World Champion. 


~Sensei Ari Bolden, Jiu Jitsu expert.


~Lerdsila Mr. Lightning Chumpaitour, 3X Rajadamnern Muay Thai Champions, Lumpinee Champion


~Sifu Jerry Yeung & Sifu Mark Wong from PVT Hong Kong

~Sifu Greg LeBlanc from LeBlanc Wing Chun, Oakland . California.

~ Maestro Bong Abenir - Founder of ABENIR KALIS SYSTEM. 

~ Coach Dwight Hennings of  S3VT : System / Science / Skills Ving Tsun, Toronto, Canada

And we will be sigining up with :

~ More Muay Thai Champions from Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums in Thailand.

~ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions from Brazil.

~ Fillipino Kali/ Escrima/ Arnis masters/ champions from the Philippines.

~ Pencak Silat masters from Indonesia. 

Our philosophy and goals :

* To bring our Customer NO- NONSENSE instructional materials.

* To remain non-political in Wing Chun and other martial arts as Cranes Production believes that all forms of martial arts, regardless of origin, style or lineages, have common goals and are part of one big family.

*To strive for the best in customer service and deliver the best products and basically to treat all our customers & friends as we would want to be treated.

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