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Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 2 DVD


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The second in Keith Owen's Favorite Moves Series, this DVD is aimed at Practitioners with basic skills. Positions and techniques include: S-Mount, Baseball Bat Choke, North South choke escape, Half Guard Choke escape, Double Leg Pass Counter, Kimura options, Kimura Escape, Triangle Escape and many many more. A must for Bjj players who want to take their opponents by surprise.

Back Mount
1. Back Mount Strangle
2. Rear Naked Choke

1. Triangle Escape
2. Kimura Escape

1. Baseball Bat Choke
2. Passing the Guard Knee Pin
3. Guard Pass Gi Under the Arm
4. Cross Choke from the Guard
5. Double Leg Stack Counter
6. Kimura

Half Guard
1. Half Guard Escape Roll
2. Half Guard Knee In to Side Control
3. Half Guard Moves
4. Half Guard to Side Control

1. S-Mount

Side Control (Bottom)
1. Arm and Shoulder Escape

Side Control (top)
1. Side Control to Mount
2. Kimura Options

1. Turtle to Side Control Choke
2. Getting Turtle Hooks In
3. Turtle Spin Counter
4. North South Turtle Flip to Choke
5. North South Turtle Choke Escape



Languages: English

Length: 99 min.

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