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Being able to enter, attack from, and escape the clinch are some of the most important skills a Muay Thai or MMA fighter needs to know. Now let Muay Thai champion Malaipet show you how to master the clinch!

Malaipet "The Diamond" Sasiprapa started training in Muay Thai at the age of 5 in Thailand. In Bangkok, Malaipet competed in over 250 fights becoming IKBA Intercontinental champion and IKKC Middle Weight Champion. Malaipet is now fighting in MMA events in addition to his muay thai fights.


Closing The Distance Defense against a punch: Jab, Defense against a punch: Hook, Defense against a punch: Uppercut, Defense against a knee, Defense against a low kick, Defense against a mid kick, Defense against a high kick, Knee Attack while closing,

Into the Clinch Offensive Head and Neck Control - Pull Down Offensive Head and Neck Control - Knees Offensive Head and Neck Control - Throw #1 Offensive Head and Neck Control - Throw #2 Offensive Head and Neck Control - Elbow Head Neck Control Defense - Setup Head Neck Control Defense - Throw Head Neck Control Defense - Body Lock Head Neck Control Defense - Clinch Escape to Knee

Overhook/Underhook Arm lock to Knee Break Clinch to Elbow Push Head and Knee Shoulder Push Throw Knee Counter to Knee Attack #1 Knee Counter to Knee Attack #2

Both Arms Under Defense - Break Clinch Defense - Throw Defense - Shoots for Underhooks Attack - Elbow Lock and Knee Attack - Throw #1 and Defense Attack - Throw #2

Head Arm Lock Defense Knee Defense - Elbow Out Defense - Elbow trapped Attack - Knee Attack - Throw Attack - Take the Back

Pummeling Swim to Elbow Swim to Throw Training

Body Lock Defense - Mount

Against Taller Opponents Knees Knee to Throw When Pulled Down Head Arm Lock Defense

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