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DVD : "SIU NIM TAU" 2 DVD set By Sifu David Peterson


This masterly Siu Nim Tau Wing Chun Kung Fu video from a student of the “King of Talking Hands (Wong Shun Leung)” Sifu David Peterson of Melbourne, Australia, is the first installment of a series on Wing Chung Kung Fu as practiced by that late, legendary Sifu Wong Shun Leung.

Sifu Peterson’s Siu Nim Tau’s DVD set should be in any serious Wing Chun student’s DVD library bar none. This masterly DVD set is destined to become a classic by which other Siu Nim Tau videos shall be judged. While I could extol this DVD set in a much more refined manner, a picture is worth a thousand words so head over to Sifu Peterson’s DVDs section and take a gander of the Youtube trailers or proceed on for greater detail.

Sifu Peterson’s Siu Nim Tau seminar is amongst the crème de la crème of Siu Nim Tau Wing Chun Kung Fu videos. The set consists of two DVDs. The amount of detail covering the first form of Wing Chun is both expansive and astonishing. Disk one of the set is broken up into the first two sections of the form and have the following times: section one; 1:11:53, section two; 47:46 and a trailer. Disk two is broken up as follows: section three: 40:22; the form, questions, drills, key points and again a trailer. Already you have much more information than almost any typical Sil Lum Tau form DVD.

Each section is clearly outlined before getting into the actual sequence of the form in presentation form. Subsequently, as the video progresses each action of the form is expertly demonstrated with ample commentary and an eye towards precise analysis of the individual movements of the form and then further demonstrated with a seminar attendees.

As the techniques of the form are discussed and played by Sifu Peterson the viewer gains an understanding of why the particular technique is deployed in the manner Sifu Wong “played” the form. As a bonus Sifu Peterson demonstrates what can go wrong when the particular technique is not properly deployed - hence reinforcing the legendary Sifu Wong’s interpretation of the form. At the end of each section of the form an outline of the salient points is presented to further cement the central ideas presented each section of the form.

The second disc of the DVD set contains the form in its entirety without pause, played in a very relaxed manner. The other parts of this particular disc of the DVD set are sections in which questions are asked and then addressed by Sifu Peterson. Finally, applications of the form are then demonstrated by Sifu Peterson and the practiced by the attendees. Here you can get a gist of the problems that can arise as one tries to gain mastery of a particular application from the first form.

~ Manuel Bustos
Date Added: 10/18/2008 by manuel bustos
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