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DVD : MUK YAN JONG By Sifu David Peterson


A truly superlative seminar covering Wong Shun Leung's interpretation of the Muk Yan Jong form. This disc is simply a fantastically detailed examination of the complete Muk Yan Jong form as distilled by the late Wong Shun Leung's Beimo experiences and reflections as well as conversations with Grandmaster Yip Man.

Each section is minutely articulated on the Muk Yan Jong, then clearly elaborated by demonstration with various participants. More than one Muk Yan Jong is utilized to effectively cover different angles of a particular section to avoid misinterpretation of a move within the sequence.

A short history of the Muk Yan Jong is presented along with quite specific information as to why Sifu Wong added, modified or kept the movements in his distilled Muk Yan Jong from. As they say if you had only 10 Wing Chun DVDs to take to that proverbial desert island this DVD should certainly be among them. Sifu Peterson has set a very high standard with the delivery of this disc to the Wing Chun community and we have a clear visualization of the Genius that was the "King of Talking Hands."

To summarize: the Wong Shun Leung Muk Yan Jong form detailed, minutely examined and well articulated. Without any reservations this DVD is highly recommended and should be in any serious Wing Chun practitioner's Wing Chun library regardless of their respective lineage or experience.
Date Added: 12/01/2009 by manuel bustos
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