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DVD:Wing Chun Mechanics Vol.1 By Sifu Greg LeBlanc(NEW!!!)


Full disclosure – Greg LeBlanc is my siheng from Gary Lam’s school where I began training in January 2000. So the material is familiar to me, but I like the way Greg can explain something I already know and make it sound like I am hearing it for the first time. His analysis is much like Wing Chun, simple, direct, and efficient. His understanding of the system is the best I have seen and his explanation of the Gary Lam – Wong Shun Leung – Ip Man lineage is the clearest and most precise explanation I have yet heard.
Having studied from Gary Lam, many of the principles that Sifu LeBlanc discusses on this video are standard concepts which our Sifu espouses, but seem to be lacking in other Wing Chun schools. I have seen quite a few Wing Chun instructional videos, and most of them seem to be talking about a different system altogether. This is unfortunate, because I believe Wing Chun is a great system and people who are training in a shadow version of it are really missing out.
Sifu LeBlanc embodies all of the qualities which he discusses on the video, but the two I remember most about him and which impressed me are, first, his ability to generate power in his punches. Most Wing Chun that I have seen use a lot of fast chain punches, but there doesn’t seem to be much power behind the strikes. One of the reasons being because the practitioners don’t take the space of their opponents and so they are not using the proper alignment with the ground in order to generate power, nor are they using the backup mass of their bodies.
But the thing that impressed me most about Greg was his ability to change, which he explains on the video. If you think that you have him cornered, he suddenly shifts to the empty side while at the same time attacking your centerline. This is such a core principle of Wing Chun that it seems obvious, but when you watch others chi sao, you soon find out how rare a skill this truly is, and the one that I still seek the most.
Over all this is an excellent video because he breaks down the basic Wing Chun mechanics in a clear, concise manner and the information for Wing Chun practitioners is invaluable. I would highly recommend this video for anyone studying the Wing Chun system and would say that the more you can incorporate these basic principles into your training, the better you will be.
Great job Siheng!
Date Added: 03/16/2016 by Thomas Forcinio
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