Package K ( Sifu Gary Lam's Wing Chun Kicking DVDs )


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  • Package K ( Sifu Gary Lam's Wing Chun Kicking DVDs ).
  • ~ Wing Chun Kicking 1 $ 49.95
  • ~ Awesome Kicking Techniques. $ 39.95
  • 2 of Sifu Gary Lam Kickings DVDs : $ 79.95
  • ~Save $ 10.00 when you get this package !
  • ~ Wing Chun Kicking 1 DVD : Wing Chun kicking? Many have heard of its devastating power, but few know its secrets. Now, in this amazing DVD Sifu Gary lam explains and demonstrates proper Wing Chun kicking techniques, step by step. When properly executed, these kicks can be the most deadly fight-stopping actions you?e ever seen ! Now you, too,can know what was reserved in the past for the select few. Approx. : 43 minutes
  • Awesome Kicking DVDs In this DVD, Sifu Gary Lam explains and demonstrates awesome kicking technique frequently use in real life fighting. Explaining how to apply and defend agianst kicks drawn from a number of disciplines, each of the six sections packs in actions and critical information to help you swiftly add legs to your fighting arsenal. Practice precision kicks, crippling knee attcks, and syncopated hand-leg combos. You'll also get plenty of tips for developing these deadly actions at home, including intense workouts on a simple tire and the sand bag. Approx. : 45 minutes
  • * Both discs are compatible and will play on > 95 % of DVD players in USA. However, some DVD player manufacturers may have different coding system and therefore we cannot guarantee compatibility with ALL DVD players.
  • * Discs are recorded in TRUE DVD (NTSC system.) REGION : 0 (FREE) * REGION : ALL
  • * Please check our exchange policy regarding DVD. MANUFACTURER :
  • *** Filmed, Directed, Edited and Produced in U.S.A***

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