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Book : GRAPPLING MASTERS (Revised Edition) By Jose Fraguas


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Grappling took the world of martial arts by storm in the early 1990s with the advent of the UFC and other no-holds-barred events, and quickly became one of the most popular figthing methods in the world.

In Grappling Masters, through conversations with historical figures such as:

Helio Gracie,

Gene LeBell,

Wally Jay,

Carlson Gracie,

and numerous current world-class masters such as

Rorion Gracie,

Gokor Chivichyan,

Oleg Taktarov,

Rickson Gracie,

Marco Ruas,

Walid Ismail,

Franco DeCamargo,

Frank Shamrock,

Carlos Gracie Jr.,

Bas Rutten,

Rigan Machado,

Wander Braga,

Royler Gracie,

Renato Magno..

Etc,.etc..and many others.....A total of 31 World Top Grappling Masters interviewed.!!!

the many threads of grappling learning, legend and lore are woven together to present a complete and integrated view of this eclectic art of fighting, philosophy, and self-defense.

For the first time, interviews with 31 of the world’s top grappling masters have been gathered together in one book.

No matter how well you think you know these masters, you haven’t truly experienced their wit, wisdom, and insight until you have read Grappling Masters!

Jose M. Fraguas  is an internationally recognized martial arts authority well-known to the world’s top masters. He is a prolific writer and publisher, rooted in the desire to integrate martial arts philosophy and values into everyday thinking and life, the necessary motivation for writing. Originally from Madrid, Spain, he currently resides in Los Angeles, Californiae M.

450 pages !!!

Size: 7 x 10

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