DVD:Mastering The Devastating Elbows & Hands Of MUAY THAI.


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                                                     Devastating Elbows

MUAY THAI DVD from WORLD Champion : 

Mastering The Devastating Elbows & Hands Of MUAY THAI with Kru. Malaipet Sasiprapa.



Muay Thai is well known for its extensive and effective hand and elbow 
techniques. In addition to its arsenal of punches, Muay Thai 
incorporates a number of elbow strikes. Elbow attack is one of the most ultimate weapons in the art of MUAY THAI. Elbow sharpness is equated to that of a razor blade. It is a dangerous weapon that can produce horrifying cuts upon contact. Renowned for their accuracy and ability to inflict damage, these strikes will destroy an 
7 time World Champion Kru Malaipet teaches proper techniques for delivering these devastating elbow attacks. Jab, Cross, Short Hook, Long Hook, Uppercut are also shown in this 48 minutes instructional DVD.

Raise your fighting skills to the next level by mastering the devastating elbows 
and hands of Muay Thai!

Sok Ti (Elbow Strikes) 
Sok Tad (Perpendicular Elbow) 
Sok Hud (Levering Elbow) 
Sok Chieng (Diagonal Elbow) 
Sok Sab (Chopping Elbow) 
Sok Tong (Smash Downward Elbow) 
Sok Klab (Reverse Elbow) 
Contents :

~Muay Thai Jabs

~ Muay Thai Crosses

~ Muay Thai Short Hooks

~Muay Thai Long Hooks

~ Muay Thai uppercuts

~Muay Thai combo

~Muay Thai Sliding Elbows

~Muay Thai Uppercut Elbows

~Muay Thai Spinning Elbows

~Muay Thai Back Hand Elbows

~Muay Thai Chop Down Elbows

~Muay Thai Snapping Elbows

~ Muay Thai Proper Foot Pivoting

~Pre-Fight Training Clip 




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* Running Time : 46 minutes.

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*** Filmed, Directed, Edited and Produced in The U.S.A*** 

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