Book : Wing Chun : Unusual Discoveries Behind The Common Belief.


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Paperback: 132 pages Language: English Author : Petar Iv Petrov. Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.2 x 0.5 inches Wing Chun - the science of in-fighting? After the movies of the legendary Bruce Lee, many books and videos have been produced to reveal this unique art that is in some ways a departure from many Chinese Kung Fu systems. What makes Wing Chun so powerful is not its techniques, however. It is the underlying principles that make the art so adaptable, direct and efficient. In that respect "Wing Chun: Unusual Discoveries Behind the Common Belief" hits right in the centerline. Starting from the history and moving slowly towards the forms, training methods and ways of personal development, the book tries to present the whole picture without any excessive details, boring cliches or well-known stories. In fact, it takes a new road by revealing for the first time some original and non-orthodox ideas that have been carefully guarded in the Wing Chun community. Written in simple terms, clear, down-to-earth language with a sense of humor at times, the book is a must have for all martial artists who want to broaden their horizons by discovering the wisdom of Wing Chun.

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