DVD:Wing Chun Combat Tactics-Sifu Gary Lam '14 Seminar Part 2


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Wing Chun Combat Tactics-Sifu Gary Lam 2014 Seminar DVD .Part 2. 

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In this DVD, world renowned Wing Chun master, Sifu Gary Lam, reveals the fighting tactics that form the basis of the Wing Chun fighting system. Whereas most instructors are content to explain only the how to's of a technique, Sifu Lam explains the concepts behind those techniques and how to use them in combat.
"Wing Chun Combat Tactics 2014 Seminar Part 2" covers the following topics: Bong Sau: Attack or Defend? The Importance of Wu Sau Gaun Sau & Kwan Sau Jut Sau vs. Jum Sau Huen Sau & Pow Biu Sau & Changing Pak Sau & Toi The knowledge contained here will propel your skill to a new level. This DVD is a must for every Wing Chun practitioner.


* 16:9 Wide-Screen High -Definition TRUE DVD ( NOT DVD-R or +R )

* Language : English

* Run Time : Approximately 66 Minutes.
* NTSC system. REGION : 0 (FREE)

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