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DVD:Making"GWOH SAU"Work For You: By Sifu Gary Lam


My name is Bruce Silver, and I'm a instructor under Sifu Ip Ching, I always enjoy every DVD Sifu Lam puts out. He is first rate, and he understands how to fight. I was out west for a few years working out with an outstanding Karate club, with many former pro fighters. A few Wing Chun practitioners have shown up at this club in the past, only to receive a good beating, because they didn't understand how to really fight with Wing Chun.
I never had that problem, and they said that I was the only Wing Chun guy that they knew who could really fight.
(I've also had a lot of fighting/sparring experience)

I just enjoy watching Sifu Gary Lam. He is one of the instructors that understands hand to hand combat. Sifu Lam understands the classical aspect of Wing Chun and the practical aspect of applying Wing Chun. I buy every one of his DVD's, and I always pick up something new.

Despite the fact that I've been training for 35 years, and have advanced ranks in three systems, I always recommend that students buy his DVD's. I also recommend to anyone that asks me about learning Wing Chun, to Buy one of his DVD's as well.


Sifu Bruce Silver
Date Added: 05/21/2009 by bruce silver
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