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DVD : MUK YAN JONG By Sifu David Peterson


Absolutely one of the best (if not the best) explanation of the dummy form and applications as taught by Wong Shun Leung (I must confess I'm partial with WSL lineage). Peterson sifu takes care to give great insights in this form (somewhat different from other lineage's but highly parctical and combat-effective) meticolously detailing all 8 sections. You'll also find a short history of the dummy and some commentary in a sort of interview by Mr. Peterson. As with other Peterson video seminars, You'll denitely get a pure distillation of great Wing Chun concepts and applications. Cranes Production is first class and makes the rest. Buy the video, meditate on Peterson work (and words) and enjoy practice. Giuseppe Nastro. Italy
Date Added: 11/28/2009 by Giuseppe Nastro
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