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DVD:WING CHUN Dummy Combat Applications Sifu Gary Lam


Whereas most Mook Yan Jong (MYJ) DVDs break down the form into sections and show a little application, this DVD was planned from the ground up to break down the sections of the MYJ form as they pertain to actual application in combat.

Sifu Lam breaks down the MYJ form into three distinct, large sections. The DVD begins with an out and out demonstration against numerous opponents. Next up is a thorough run through of the Mook Yan Jong form performed by Sifu Lam.The next section of the DVD is the air dummy demonstration, which is not always performed and is truly essential to the understanding of Mook Yan Jong's detail (after all Yip Man considered the air dummy essential to the practitioner of Wing Chun.) Subsequently, the following segment of the DVD takes the viewer through a section by section breakdown of the form into actual combat applications and is the central focus of the DVD. This takes place in the form of MYJ run through of the section and subsequent illustration of the application. This portion of the DVD amply illustrates the speed and efficiency of Wing Chun in graphic detail.

Finally, a question and answer (Q&A) session with Sifu Lam rounds out the DVD. The Q&A section provides a better understanding of the importance of the MYJ form within the scope of the Wing Chung system. All in all, Sifu Gary Lam continues his fine exploration of Wing Chun martial arts system in his ongoing DVD documentation series. This DVD perfectly complements Sifu Peterson's MYJ DVD since both Sifus were long-time students of the late Sifu Wong Shun Leung.
Date Added: 02/04/2010 by manuel bustos
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