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DVD:WING CHUN Dummy Combat Applications Sifu Gary Lam


Love all of sifu Lam's dvds, but in 'Wing Chun combat applications' he's back on his finest form.

Wing chun is such a profound art, there are no 'set' ways to apply it. It's all down to the skill & imagination of the practitioner. In this release, you can see the vivid imagination of sifu Lam, and one can virtually feel the correlation between the practice of the jong & its application.

Personally, I enjoyed sifu Lam's chisau skill the most, rather than the actual demonstration of the jong. Also, his demonstration of his kicks is supurb.

I know sifu Lam has already released a wooden dummy dvd in the past, but this one is 10 x clearer, so all the newbies can follow through very easy.
Where else in the world can you learn sifu Lam's mook-yan-jong form for 49 lousy dollars? Most wing chun schools wouldn't even teach you the jong form unless you have been with them for years, having 'milked' you for 1000s of dollars, and yet sifu Lam is virtually giving it away.

Another 'must buy' for all wing chun nuts!
Date Added: 06/18/2010 by michael choi
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