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DVD:Wing Chun Mechanics Vol.1 By Sifu Greg LeBlanc


The first ever DVD by Sifu Greg Leblanc,

Explains the core underlying principles, which give Wing Chun itís great depth of skill and a refined understanding of combat strategy.
Sifu Greg, spent eight years learning Wing Chun directly from Grandmaster Gary Lam (Lam Man Hog). His time with Grandmaster Lam is unique, because there were only a few students training in the backyard at the time, which provided a depth of personal attention. Sifu Greg, is also the first to achieve the certified level of Sifu from Grandmaster Lam. Most systems of Kung fu evolve over time, because of the teachers personal expression or experience. You now have an opportunity to get a glimpse of the backyard days. Sifu Greg has a wealth of knowledge, and I look forward to adding any product of his to my guarded collection.

David Rodriguez
Certified Sifu Level (2013), under Sifu Greg Leblanc
Date Added: 03/29/2016 by david rodriguez
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