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DVD:Wing Chun Mechanics Vol.1 By Sifu Greg LeBlanc


I re-watched Sifu Gregory E. LeBlanc's dvd last night. If you are looking for a technique based dvd, this is not it. If you are looking to add more flashy techniques to put in your pocket then this is not that dvd. This dvd truly breaks down and explains the mechanics of Ving Tsun! This is truly probably the very first dvd to ever explain every attribute, concept, etc in Ving Tsun! This dvd will help you to better understand how to apply what you have already learnt in Ving Tsun in a much more simpler, efficient and direct manner. Once you have this in your neuro system, there will be no need to be a "collector" of techniques to put in your pocket where it will not do you any good in time of need, because you will come up empty. This dvd is so full of great information, cleanly taped and broken down. Sifu Greg is truly an outstanding educator and has truly created a gem for all. Thank you Greg for such an outstanding job!
Date Added: 03/11/2016 by Michael Quijano
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