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These knives are indeed exquisite and superb. The blades are of heavy gauge steel, the brass handles are heavy duty and the wood grip is ideally machined to fit comfortably in one's hand. That wooden grip itself is quite beautifully finished in rich tones. Additionally, the knives are accompanied with heavy duty leather holsters. If you are indeed a practitioner of Wing Chun, then you will be quite please with the superb workmanship of these true Butterfly Wing Chun swords and you with note the heft and quality well before then end of your Baat Jaam Do form. My Kung Fu Brother certainly did as he had to stop given he was used to cheaper quality knives. These knives are an investment in quality and will endure many years of usage.

~ Manuel Bustos
Date Added: 10/12/2008 by manuel bustos
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