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Book :The Combat Philosophy of WONG SHUN LEUNG ( Exp 2nd Ed) !


Get this book. It's the best Kung-fu book you will find and as a Wing Chuner, you should have this in your library.

The book is well written and explains not only Wong Shun Leung approach to Wing Chun, but also his innovative approach to viewing Wing Chun as a tool to serve. Peterson does a great job in bringing out WSL's energy and charisma. I'm sure that many practitioners would give their "right hand" to have had him as a teacher. Fortunately, I don't think Wong would have taken it otherwise we wouldn't be talking about this.

It doesn't matter what lineage you're from (I'm from Moy Yat) there's something we can all learn and benefit from this book. I like just picking it up and re-reading little snippet here and there. It's like food for thought and a constant reminder of keeping it "REAL".

This is the Second Edition of the book (and EXPANDED). FWIW, it's a reference book for me, but keep in mind that WSL viewed Wing Chun as concept. And as we do our drills and forms, we need to keep this in mind. That's why the 21st century will be the century of Wing Chun. What a brilliant system! Wouldn't it be amazing if we could go back in time to talk and listen to the minds of those who conceived and evolved this combat system? With this book, you get to catch a glimpse of one of the recent innovators of Wing Chun -- Wong Shun Leung.

Date Added: 02/01/2009 by Lung Louie
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