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Book :The Combat Philosophy of WONG SHUN LEUNG ( Exp 2nd Ed) !


This is a fantastic collaboration of articles and interviews by Sifu David Peterson, Cliff Auyeung, Lewis Luk, Alan Orr, Robert Chu, and others.
Starting with forewords by Benny Meng, Bey Logan, Jesse Glover, Alan Gibson and Gary Lam the book that Sifu Peterson has put togehter is dedicated to not only the Wong Shun Leung mehtod of Ving Tsun but offers insight to whom the man truly was and the impact he left behind to his students and friends.
There is also a heartfelt article written by Sifu Peterson about Wong Sifu's funeral and a copy of the words he spoke at the funeral.
Being a former student of Jeet Kune Do. I wanted to know more about who inspired Bruce Lee the most and within these pages are all the answers and a lot more. Wong Shun Leung did not take credit for Bruce's success, yet he is deserved of appreciation for the lives he had an impact on.
Definitely a book to read over and over again, for reference and great stories!
Date Added: 10/15/2009 by James Bourdette
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