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DVD : "CHAM KIU" 2 DVD set By Sifu David Peterson


Another great explanation of the ideas and application in a form. Sifu David Peterson really breaks down the Cham Kiu form in it's entire format. The details provided by him opened my mind to a bunch of things I never had a clue about. This has got to be the best I have seen on the Cham Kiu form in any lineage or personal encounter. The detailed look at every idea, position, and footwork is excellent. This DVD would benefit anyone interested in learning the detailed breakdown of every concept of the Cham Kiu form, from any lineage. A wing chun masterpiece with explanation. Sifu David Peterson leaves nothing out or untold. Thank you Sifu David Peterson.

Best Reguards,
William Clark
Date Added: 04/12/2009 by william clark
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