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DVD : "BIU JEE" By Sifu Gary Lam


"In life, you seldom get a ‘free lunch’……but there are rare exceptions. One case in point is the DVDs by sifu Gary Lam. Gary’s wing chun DVDs contain so much material, it’s usually a case of information overload. He’s so generous with his vast knowledge that it’s impossible to digest all the information in any one disc, so in this respect you are really getting more than you have paid for. One of his latest releases – which have been a long time in coming – Bilgee, is well worth the wait. I love all sifu Lam’s dvds, but this latest release takes a big change in production levels. You can tell ‘money’ have been spent – and to good effect. The picture quality is broadcast standard, and the background sound chosen is perfect: eerie and mystical. Without revealing too much and spoiling the enjoyment for the readers, I will only briefly review the DVD on a couple of points which I’m sure would interest any potential buyers. 1: We all know the part of bilgee where the practitioner is swiveling his fingerswrist up and down, left & right, is for projecting angling our fingers into our opponent, but sifu Lam demonstrates that at a very high level of development, this ‘angling’ of our handwrist can be used to alter our opponent’s position on interception of his attack, thus creating an angle for a subsequent counter attack. 2: Sifu Lam reveals the incorrect usage of gwai garn. He demonstrates that most practitioners use the gwai garn even when they can’t reach their opponent because they are too far away from them. One should only use gwai-garn when the opponent is very, very close proximity to you, otherwise you are conceding ‘reach’ to your opponent. By using gwai-garn you are effectively folding your arm and reach by half, so unless you are close enough to hit your opponent with the garn, your opponent will simply ‘pick’ you of at range using the full length of his punch arm. You would have thought this obvious, but look at how many wing chun practitioners fold into gwai-garn as soon as any resistance is met against their bong-sau. 3: the third and last part of the DVD I want to cover is the 12 hand pak-sau. The 12 hand pak-sau isn’t part of the bil-gee form, and it was included by Gary Lam as a ‘gift’ or bonus for the purchasers of this dvd….but apparently this inclusion had some negative comments from people who’d already purchased this dvd because they claim it wasn’t relevant to bil-gee. When I spoke to Gary about this, he said some people just don’t appreciate ‘free gifts’. It’s akin to you ordering an egg & ham noodle, but Gary throws in some BBQ pork for you….then the customer complain that there’s BBQ pork in his noodle! I guess you can’t please all people all the time. Any way, I digress. The 12 hand pak-sau that sifu Lam has so generously given with this dvd really is the iceing on the cake. It teaches the practitioner to attack & absorb from either hand & opposite hands. In my experience, once you have practiced the 12 hands well, you can flow from technique to technique, clearing your opponent’s defense and hitting with ease. You will have the feeling of naturally ‘balanced’ using either hand to attack or defend. To me, this part alone is worth the price of the dvd alone!!.". Michael Yan Choi ( U.K.)
Date Added: 11/21/2008 by michael choi
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